[tdwg-tag] proxying rs.tdwg.org to google code

"Markus Döring (GBIF)" mdoering at gbif.org
Mon Nov 30 17:46:12 CET 2009

we had talked about proxying some of the rs.tdwg.org subversion site  
to different google code projects.
I have setup 2 test proxies for darwin core and the new ontology  
project using these URLs:


I wasnt sure if this solution was fully agreed on at TDWG, so I am  
seeking for advice.
I very much like this solution, which gives us the advantage of having  
google code exposed via the tdwg.org domain. And it frees us from  
having to sync different copies.

If there are no objections I would love to replace the /dwc and  
potentially also the /ontology part of rs.tdwg.org.
But before making this switch some files on google seem to need  
adjustments in regards of absolute/relative links and html redirects.


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