[tdwg-tag] Differences in thinking between TDWG and LinkedData groups about data sharing / integration

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On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 12:27 AM, Jim Croft <jim.croft at gmail.com> wrote:

> ...
> It is almost as though there was a conscious branch in the TDWG
> evolutionary tree, a fork in the programming, but I can not put my
> finger on when, where, how or why.
> jim
> I would say it was the very salutary--but all too short--Moore foundation
stimulus package (sic). Three very energetic and competent professionals put
a huge amount of really good stuff on the table. Just at the point where
that has to be carried forward, now we are back to an organization of
qualified volunteers who---surprise, surprise---have no more time on their
hands than they did before. This is pretty typical of volunteer standards
bodies. W3C, OMG, and even ISO take years to hammer out standards, which
then take more years until wide adoption (unless there is economic


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