[tdwg-tag] GUID Persistence as Zen kōan

Robert Huber rhuber at wdc-mare.org
Fri Apr 24 11:05:21 CEST 2009


I think we should start think how to improve the situation. In my
opinion the situation could significantly improved if there would be
some audit method, thus certificate for trustworthy GUIDs. There are
several initiatives working on audit methods for long term archives
why not adopting such a procedure for LSID authorities?
I have posted some ideas in my blog here:

best regards,

2009/4/23 Roger Hyam <rogerhyam at mac.com>:
> For those of you who can take any more of it I have posted my thoughts
> on persistence of GUIDs to my blog.
> http://www.hyam.net/blog/archives/346
> If you don't have the time or patience to read it the summary is:
> GUID Persistence == diddly squat
> Your comments are welcome.
> All the best,
> Roger
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