[tdwg-tag] darwin core terms inside tdwg ontology

"Markus Döring (GBIF)" mdoering at gbif.org
Fri Apr 24 13:07:48 CEST 2009

if you are working on that already, what do you think are the chances  
to have a one to one mapping from the taxonomic dwc terms to the names  
& taxon classes in the ontology?

We are using the dwc terms not only for occurrence records, but are  
already encoding pure taxonomic or nomenclatural checklists with  
simple dwc terms. Within ECAT and also the Global Names Index /  
Architecture we have started sharing such checklists encoded as text  
files which are far easier to handle than TCS-RDF, especially when  
dealing with hundreds of thousands of names. The expressiveness is of  
course limited, but it allows us to easily share all of the basic  
taxonomic/nomenclatural information such as synonyms, basionyms,  
taxonomic hierarchies, taxon concept reference, original publication,  
nomenclatural code, nomenclatural & taxonomic status, rank, atomised  
name parts and the classic higher dwc ranks for each name. I would be  
super glad to see a convergence with the ontology here.


On Apr 24, 2009, at 11:54, Roger Hyam wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> The TaxonOccurrence standard is not actually a standard. It is part of
> the vocabulary that was put together two years ago and maps well to  
> DwC.
> Meanwhile, as Markus points out, DwC has gone its own way.
> The whole TDWG ontology needs some clarification and sorting out and
> as Bob points out this is now done on a voluntary basis.
> I am working on the TaxonName and TaxonConcept vocabularies because I
> need to use them. I hope I will provide what Markus requests (good
> return type definitions for GUIDs) but I will only do it for taxon
> names and concepts because that is all I am working on. I hope to take
> this to a stage where it is solid, documented and standardizable.
> This will entail doing some stuff on the way the TDWG ontology/
> vocabulary is presented but really it is not my department to do that
> alone.
> This is very important for TDWG (as Markus points out).
> What really needs to happen is for people who need things to happen in
> the ontology to role up their sleeves and make them happen.
> For occurrence stuff I recommend you join forces with John Wieczorek.
> All the best,
> Roger
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