[tdwg-tag] darwin core terms inside tdwg ontology

Roger Hyam rogerhyam at mac.com
Fri Apr 24 15:38:29 CEST 2009

Hi Markus,

My plan is to produce an abstract model (a text description of the  
classes and properties) and a series of example concrete models. One  
would be the OWL ontology (perhaps this would be normative not sure  
yet) another would be a CSV file format and a third would be a simple  
(one namespace) XML file format. I will define mappings between all  
these (possibly XSLT to get from XML to CSV and OWL).

I also plan to do a mapping from the IPT checklist format to one or  
all of these things.

It would be good to write a couple of tools to do some auto conversion.

If I cut out all the rubbish and only include what is actually used we  
are only talking two classes and < thirty properties so I should be  
able beat the thing into submission quiet quickly.

All the best,


On 24 Apr 2009, at 12:07, Markus Döring (GBIF) wrote:

> Roger,
> if you are working on that already, what do you think are the chances
> to have a one to one mapping from the taxonomic dwc terms to the names
> & taxon classes in the ontology?
> We are using the dwc terms not only for occurrence records, but are
> already encoding pure taxonomic or nomenclatural checklists with
> simple dwc terms. Within ECAT and also the Global Names Index /
> Architecture we have started sharing such checklists encoded as text
> files which are far easier to handle than TCS-RDF, especially when
> dealing with hundreds of thousands of names. The expressiveness is of
> course limited, but it allows us to easily share all of the basic
> taxonomic/nomenclatural information such as synonyms, basionyms,
> taxonomic hierarchies, taxon concept reference, original publication,
> nomenclatural code, nomenclatural & taxonomic status, rank, atomised
> name parts and the classic higher dwc ranks for each name. I would be
> super glad to see a convergence with the ontology here.
> Markus
> On Apr 24, 2009, at 11:54, Roger Hyam wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> The TaxonOccurrence standard is not actually a standard. It is part  
>> of
>> the vocabulary that was put together two years ago and maps well to
>> DwC.
>> Meanwhile, as Markus points out, DwC has gone its own way.
>> The whole TDWG ontology needs some clarification and sorting out and
>> as Bob points out this is now done on a voluntary basis.
>> I am working on the TaxonName and TaxonConcept vocabularies because I
>> need to use them. I hope I will provide what Markus requests (good
>> return type definitions for GUIDs) but I will only do it for taxon
>> names and concepts because that is all I am working on. I hope to  
>> take
>> this to a stage where it is solid, documented and standardizable.
>> This will entail doing some stuff on the way the TDWG ontology/
>> vocabulary is presented but really it is not my department to do that
>> alone.
>> This is very important for TDWG (as Markus points out).
>> What really needs to happen is for people who need things to happen  
>> in
>> the ontology to role up their sleeves and make them happen.
>> For occurrence stuff I recommend you join forces with John Wieczorek.
>> All the best,
>> Roger
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