[tdwg-tag] LSID business model?

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Tue Apr 28 01:13:41 CEST 2009

I like the idea in principle, but I would do it directly with the
"technically astute" organizations and let them keep the modest revenue.
More precisely, I think managing something that is deemed a critical
resource should be done in an organization that has professional staff to do
it if possible GBIF seems the most broadly connected to TDWG. That's where I
would do it. In fact, aren't they already managing some TDWG services?


On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 6:25 PM, Dave Vieglais <vieglais at ku.edu> wrote:

> I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this strategy (I'll be surprised
> if not):
> TDWG seems determined to use LSIDs for GUIDs, yet the technical issues
> for implementation are discouraging enough for some to defer
> deployment.  Perhaps TDWG could offer as a bonus for membership (or
> perhaps a small additional charge) the provision of some elements of
> the LSID infrastructure stack, overloading the tdwg.org domain?
> Then, instead of having each institution create DNS entries such as
> "mydepartment.institution.org" and deal with the SRV details, use TDWG
> as a kind of registrar and do something like
> "mycollectionid.tdwg.org".  TDWG would then be responsible for the
> appropriate DNS SRV registration, and could even operate a resolver
> and/or redirection service for that domain.
> The income would not be very much (say $10/year per org * 100
> participants = $1k), but it should be a lot less expensive for the
> entire community than the total cost for each organization operating
> their own infrastructure (perhaps $10/year DNS + $1000/year operations
> * 100 participants = $101k).
> So as not to overload the TDWG infrastructure, it would be sensible to
> encourage technically astute groups (e.g. GBIF, EoL, NCEAS) to
> contribute computing cycles and fallback DNS services to ensure
> reliability of the entire system.
> The end result could be a reliable, distributed infrastructure for
> LSID (or whatever GUID scheme is decided upon) resolution that
> conforms to the requirements / specifications derived from the TDWG
> procedures at a small cost for participation.  The low cost and
> deferral of technical overhead to a knowledgeable group would
> hopefully encourage participation by a broader audience in this piece
> of fundamental architecture.
> (It may also help reduce the endless cycles of discussion about GUIDs
> and LSIDs)
> Dave V.
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