[tdwg-tag] darwin core terms inside tdwg ontology

John R. WIECZOREK tuco at berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 28 03:11:17 CEST 2009

Dear all,

A note of caution: Don't make any arguments based on the Draft Darwin
Core Standard 1.4 and extensions. Dave Remsen's comments re Taxonomy
and Nomenclature were not based on that. They were based on the Darwin
Core as submitted for peer review, the first step of which is now
concluded. I am in the process of addressing all reviewer comments
(four days straight into it, in fact) with probably one day left to go
before I publish the update and send my revision back to Gail, who is
acting as editor. I'm loathe to point anyone at the currently moving
target of documentation, so be patient for a day or two and then you
can all argue about the new version. The intent is not to have an
informal second peer review, but to give you all another target for
your already loaded guns, and to prepare you to thrash it in public
review, which hopefully is the next step. ;-)

Going back through the history of it all, I believe Stan was aware of
the state of the standard up to peer review when he voiced his
concerns, and so his comments are probably still pertinent.



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