[tdwg-tag] TAG Roadmap for 2008 - Job vacancy!

Kevin Richards RichardsK at landcareresearch.co.nz
Fri Oct 3 00:28:34 CEST 2008

Just a thought...
REST based services seem to be gaining a lot of momentum lately, so I wonder if we should mention them in the RoadMap ??
I would at least like to bring up the subject at some point during the TDWG meeting, and look at how REST may fit in with LSIDs, etc.

>>> Roger Hyam <rogerhyam at mac.com> 30/09/2008 11:02 p.m. >>>

Dear TAG Member,

With kind support from others I have now pulled together what I believe is the text for the 2008 Roadmap. I will polish this some more but do not plan to change it radically. This will be presented to the conference in Fremantle next month as the output of the TAG.


Please take a few moments to read this through and edit or comment on the list if you don't agree with it or think anything is missing. I will take silence as assent!

On or around the 8th October I will convert the wiki page into a PDF and start distributing it.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I wish to stand down as convener of the TAG as of the Fremantle conference. I believe it would be good for the TAG and TDWG to have some fresh blood in this position. I still hope to continue contributing to TDWG but perhaps in different ways.

The procedure for choosing a new convener is somewhat vague but I believe it should be done through group consensus. Perhaps we could start a discussion on this list and those who are coming to Fremantle could discuss it further.

Who do you think should take this forward? Would you like to take this forward?

All the best,


Roger Hyam
Roger at BiodiversityCollectionsIndex.org 
http://www.BiodiversityCollectionsIndex.org ( http://www.BiodiversityCollectionsIndex.org/ )

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR, UK
Tel: +44 131 552 7171 ext 3015
Fax: +44 131 248 2901

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