[tdwg-tag] Future management of the TAG

Roger Hyam rogerhyam at mac.com
Thu Oct 30 12:27:34 CET 2008

Dear All,

As mentioned in an earlier email I intend to stand down as convener of  
the TAG this year. The TDWG constitution does not specify how  
subgroups should select their conveners though it is presumed by most  
people I consulted that all such decisions should be made on the basis  
of consensus.

During TDWG 2008 we had a number of discussions concerning how we  
should move forward and have come up with the suggestion below. We  
were very aware that not everyone in the TAG was present at TDWG 2008  
and so this is just a suggestion to be put to the wider group through  
the mailing list with an opportunity for people to feed back.

If you agree or disagree please make your comments as soon as  
possible. Either write to the list or to me personally.

If no major disagreement is found the changes below will take effect  
as of 21 November 2008

The new convener of the TAG will be Greg Whitbread (ANBG). Greg will  
take a high level coordinating roll and will be assisted by volunteers  
who take particular responsibility for areas in which their projects  
have a vested interest.

Markus Döring (GBIF) will lead development of the ontology with a  
focus on the needs for occurrence data and checklist integration by  
GBIF. Patrick Leary (EoL) will feed in requirements from the  
Encyclopedia of Life species pages perspective.

Kevin Richards (Landcare NZ) will head up development of GUIDs and Tim  
Robertson (GBIF) will help with the DNS infrastructure for the SRV  
records associated with LSID roll out.

Renato De Giovanni (CRIA) will continue to head up protocols in the  
form of his work on TAPIR although he may be limited to the amount of  
time he can spend because of other commitments.

Personally I still intend to be involved in TDWG and will contribute  
as time permits.

All the best,


Roger Hyam
Roger at BiodiversityCollectionsIndex.org
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR, UK
Tel: +44 131 552 7171 ext 3015
Fax: +44 131 248 2901

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