[tdwg-tag] Are DOIs expensive?

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During the two GUID workshops there were really two reasons why DOIs seemed unworkable on a per-record basis.  One was the cost.  The other was the requirement for the central DOI administrator to have knowledge of every single DOI so it could be handled separately.  (This seemed a ridiculous overhead for the expected use case of assigning identifiers to records as they are added to a database.)

If the prefix-based model is indeed available, it could provide most of the expected benefits we hope to achieve through LSIDs.  However I suspect that we would end up having to do almost everything to support these DOIs that we have to do for LSIDs.  We would still need local resolvers to return the record corresponding to the post-prefix identifier, and we would still need to wrap the DOIs with an HTTP resolver to use them appropriately in the semantic web.  The big gain could be a central registry to handle relocating of services.


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That is very interesting, Gregor. Apparently it is up to the
registration agency on how much they charge (and not the central DOI).
There are currently 8 agencies for different areas with the German TIB
issuing DOI prefixes for "registration of scientific primary and
secondary data" at the cost of 250? per prefix (which allows you to
create as many DOIs as you like).


It would also be possible to setup a new registration agency for
biodiversity data if we feel this is more suited to our needs. There
are several costs associated with this though, an annual membership
fee ($35.000), a "franchise fee" for each newly registered name ($0.04/
doi) and a maintenance fee ($0.005/doi). So this is clearly much more
expensive and would be around 9 million dollars each year for 200
million occurrence records in GBIF.

So I guess this is what was investigated before and which is far too
expensive. But it should be worth consulting the TIB registry, 250?
per publisher doesnt sound bad at all.


PS: I am expressing my personal thoughts in this conversation and not
GBIFs official policy.

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