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Tim Robertson trobertson at gbif.org
Fri Nov 28 17:14:27 CET 2008

Hi T. Bar

You might consider the OBIS extensions for Darwin Core since you are  
concerned with marine stuff.


SampleSize:  the size of the sample from which the collection/ 
observation was drawn.  It can be a volume (e.g. for a phytoplankton  
sample), a linear distance (e.g. for a visual transect or net haul), a  
surface area (e.g. for a benthic core), etc.  This field must also  
include the units, e.g. 200 mfor a transect, or 0.25 m^2 for a benthic  
grab (use ^ to denote a superscript).  Note that when multiple  
collections/observations are reported from the same physical sample, a  
code identifying the sample can be placed in the Field_Number field to  
allow all collections/observations from a single sample to be connected.

IndividualCount is a count of specimens (e.g. not a count of  
species).  If you want to indicate multiple species, then you would  
have a record for each along with the identification and the count  of  
individuals of that species.

So in the OBIS schema you have:
ObservedIndividualCount: The number of individuals (abundance) found  
in a collection/record event.


On 28 Nov 2008, at 17:05, bar tomas wrote:

> Sorry if this question is misplaced in this discussion list, but I  
> haven't been able to find a mailing list on the conceptual aspects  
> of Darwin Core.
> I am interested to know if there are any recommendations on how to  
> represent abundance in Darwin Core. I have seen some datasets using  
> IndividualCount and SampleSize. For instance, for a fishing survey,  
> would you use IndividualCount for the number of species in a catch,  
> and SampleSize for the distance towed?
> Thank you very much
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