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It seems pretty interesting as a vocabulary, but not much else. The
kicker is Section 6, the last in the document, which in its entirety

    6 Conformance
    This Reference Architecture is an abstract architecture, which
means that it is especially difficult to construct automated tests for
conformance to the architecture. However, in order to be conformant to
this  architecture, it should be possible to identify in a concrete
implementation the key concepts and components of this architecture,
albeit in abstracted form.

Although I probably will take it on airplanes for further reading, I'm
fairly sure that I got the gist in the 20 minutes I spent to get
through all 102 pages, because by page 30, I had already constructed
in my head what was more-or-less exactly section 6 above.

I perused the document with an initial skepticism that arose from the
absence of representation on the committee of any organization,
commercial or not, that has SOA products. As best I can tell, the
document was written by \builders/ of SOAs. Some of the major tools
they use, such as Enterprise Service Bus platforms, which while not
specific to SOAs, are often the major building block. I am also
suspicious of documents that use UML as a metaphor but claim they are
using it as a specification.
(Expounding on that point requires a separate, long, piece, better put
on a wiki than email....)

Finally, OASIS is not the only one trying to specify SOA, only the
longest in the game. See also
which doesn't seem to be very far along.


On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 1:44 AM, Blum, Stan <sblum at calacademy.org> wrote:
> This is likely to be very relevant to TDWG.
> -Stan
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> Subject: [members] Public Review of SOA-RA v1.0
> To OASIS members, Public Announce Lists:
> The OASIS Service Oriented Architecture Reference Model (SOA-RM) TC has
> recently
> approved the following specification as a Committee Draft and approved the
> package for public review:
> Reference Architecture for Service Oriented Architecture Version 1.0
> The public review starts today, 9 May 2008, and ends 8 July 2008. This is an
> open invitation to comment. We strongly encourage feedback from potential
> users,
> developers and others, whether OASIS members or not, for the sake of
> improving
> the interoperability and quality of OASIS work. Please feel free to
> distribute
> this announcement within your organization and to other appropriate mail
> lists.
> More non-normative information about the specification and the technical
> committee may be found at the public home page of the TC at
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=soa-rm. Comments
> may
> be submitted to the TC by any person through the use of the OASIS TC Comment
> Facility which can be located via the button marked "Send A Comment" at the
> top
> of that page, or directly at
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/comments/index.php?wg_abbrev=soa-rm.
> Submitted comments (for this work as well as other works of that TC) are
> publicly archived and can be viewed at
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/soa-rm-comment/. All comments submitted
> to
> OASIS are subject to the OASIS Feedback License, which ensures that the
> feedback
> you provide carries the same obligations at least as the obligations of the
> TC
> members.
> The specification document and related files are available here:
> Editable Source:
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/soa-rm/soa-ra/v1.0/soa-ra-pr-01.doc
> PDF (Authoritative):
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/soa-rm/soa-ra/v1.0/soa-ra-pr-01.pdf
> http://docs.oasis-open.org/soa-rm/soa-ra/v1.0/soa-ra-pr-01.html
> Abstract:
> "This document specifies the OASIS Reference Architecture for Service
> Oriented
> Architecture. It follows from the concepts and relationships defined in the
> OASIS Reference Model for Service Oriented Architecture.  While it remains
> abstract in nature, the current document describes one possible template upon
> which a SOA concrete architecture can be built.
> "Our focus in this architecture is on an approach to integrating business
> with
> the information technology needed to support it. The issues involved with
> integration are always present, but, we find, are thrown into clear focus
> when
> business integration involves crossing ownership boundaries.
> ...
> "The Reference Architecture has three main views: the Business via Service
> view
> which lays the foundation for conducting business in the context of Service
> Oriented Architecture; the Realizing Services view which addresses the
> requirements for constructing a Service Oriented Architecture; and the Owning
> Service Oriented Architecture view which focuses on the governance and
> management of SOA-based systems."
> OASIS and the Service Oriented Architecture Reference Model (SOA-RM) TC
> welcome
> your comments.
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