[tdwg-tapir] Tapir protocol - Harvest methods?

Renato De Giovanni renato at cria.org.br
Wed May 14 20:18:01 CEST 2008

Hi Kevin,

I'm not sure what exactly you have in mind, but I fully realize there's
great potential to implement other services on top of a TAPIR service,
such as you did with OAI-PMH. I see your implementation as a kind of
"protocol rewrite rule" written in a single script.

The LSID mapping is also an interesting idea, although in practice you can
only return content, not search on it, right? Anyway, providers are
certainly free to implement any new type of local mapping - nothing in the
protocol should stop this.

Best Regards,

> I think this is a great idea.
> I have thought a bit about how we can "build upon" then tapir protocol
> and services that currently exist, and this post reminded me of a few
> that I would like to look at.  One in particular is extending the type
> of data sources that the Tapir configurator tools can connect to - I
> have done this a little in my TapirDotNET implementation where you can
> connect a concept to an LSID data source (ie it resolves the LSID and
> returns the resulting xml as the value for that mapped Tapir concept).
> But connecting to web services, etc, and also providing a "Tapir API"
> for the advanced user to programmatically provide data through a Tapir
> service would also be cool.  Any thoughts?
> Kevin

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