[tdwg-tapir] Content Delivery Networks (CDN) options

Phil Cryer phil.cryer at mobot.org
Tue Jul 1 17:55:35 CEST 2008

(Offtopic, but hoping some other institution has some exerience on this)
Does anyone have any CDN experience they'd like to share?  Currently we
need to move about 80-100GB of PDFs to a provider, because we're serving
up ~8.5GB/day, and it's killing our internal bandwidth.  We've
considered things as basic as GoDaddy, but at 6.99$/month that has to
just be file hosting, not a CDN right?  A package for that amount of
data at Cachefly looks like it'd be around 99$/month.  Other things like
Amazon's S3 are being priced out, but what about Akami, Level3, etc.
Any advice, guidance appreciated, we see this as a short term fix, with
a new strategy to come for next year.


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