[tdwg-tapir] Release of "TapirBuilder" tool (now hosted on the TDWG site)

Lee Belbin leebel at netspace.net.au
Fri Jul 18 00:01:04 CEST 2008

I would echo Renato's thanks to you Franck. Nice to see another TAPIR tool
out there for people to use!

Many thanks


Lee Belbin
TDWG Secretariat

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Dear Franck,

I would like to say thanks again (now in public) for all your work 
and also for TDWG's support.

These tools are an enormous help in creating XML files that are 
crucial for TAPIR (Javier was quite right about this when he 
suggested this kind of development during the last TAPIR meeting). 
No one deserves to edit XML by hand...

I'll find some time during the next weeks to update the network 
builder's guide making references to these new tools.

Many thanks,

On 17 Jul 2008 at 12:30, THEETEN Franck wrote:
> Dear all,
> We are proud to announce the first release of the "TapirBuilder" 
> tool. 
> This application allows the user to define templates facilitating the 
> configuration of new TAPIR networks, or networks that need to 
> interact with TAPIR providers.
> It can
> -Display the nodes of a response structure in a treeview and produce 
> a TAPIR output model which maps this response structure to the 
> available conceptual schemas defined in a CNS document.
> -Produce templates for inventory and search queries from schemas and 
> concepts defined in a CNS document.
> You can access this tool on the TDWG website:
> http://tapir.tdwg.org/builder/
> This URL also provides you with a default CNS document.
> This tool owes a lot to the TapirLink provider and the TapirChirp 
> libraries developed by Renato. I would also like to thank Renato for 
> his huge technical contribution and its assistance when developing 
> and testing the tool. Lee, Ricardo, Patricia Mergen for the 
> initiative and implementation of the project which took place in 
> ideal conditions and Bart Meganck for his help and insights when 
> conceiving the tools.
> Don´t hesitate to contact us for any suggestions for improvements.
> Best regards,
> Franck
> Database Manager
> Royal Museum for Central Africa
> Department of African Zoology
> Leuvensesteenweg, 13
> 3080 Tervuren, Belgium
> Tel.: +32 2 769 56 24

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