[tdwg-tapir] Tapir protocol - Harvest methods?

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TAPIR was intended to be a unification of DiGIR and BioCASE. There are a few
implementations of providers but fewer instances of portals built on TAPIR.
Networks built on DiGIR may eventually switch to TAPIR, but that remains to
be seen.  DiGIR and BioCASE were designed for distributed queries, not really
harvesting.  I understand harvesting can be done more simply and efficiently
by other approaches, such as OAI-PMH.  If the sensibilities of data providers
evolves to accept and allow harvesting (which seems likely), we may see
"networks" built on that architecture, instead of distributed queries.  

If your only goal is to provide data to GBIF, I would suggest installing
TAPIR (unless Tim Robertson tells you something else).  If you are concerned
about providing data to other networks, like www.SERNEC.org, you'll need a
DiGIR provider, too.  (Such is the nature of technical transition.)


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So we have DiGIR running at Mobot for Tropicos data, and clients hit it to
harvest data.  I was just wondering if people are still deploying DiGIR at
all, or are they just using Tapir by default?  It seems to have taken over
for DiGIR, and I want to know if that's a 'standard' that we should follow.

For testing, yes, we're talking more of performance; make sure our network
and server will handle X load.  So I guess I want to know more of, how do
clients attach to a Tapir server, how do they pull the data from us?

Sorry if this is such a newbie question, but I can't understand this aspect
from the docs I've read.

Thanks for the reply!


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Is the "DiGIR implementation that you want to move away from" just a 
DiGIR service? Or is it something else?

I would only keep a parallel DiGIR service if there are older clients 
that can only talk to it and for some reason (time/resources) can't 
be updated. I'm not sure if this is your case.

Also, when you said that you want to "test your implementation", did 
you mean that you want to test a TAPIR service, or is it some other 
application based on TAPIR? If you just want to test a TAPIR service, 
you could simply run TapirTester on it instead of developing your own 


Note: If necessary, the existing tests can be improved. New ones can 
also be created (TapirTester is open source).

Hope this helps,

On 28 Apr 2008 at 10:39, Phil Cryer wrote:
> Just starting with Tapir/DiGIR - I have 2 questions:
> * I would like to know if the Tapir protocol is the preferred method
> over DiGIR. We have a DiGIR implementation that we want to move away 
> from, and bring up a Tapir one in its place. Is this normal, or do 
> organizations run both to facilitate their older clients to do 
> harvesting?
> * What is a method to harvest data from Tapir, and/or DiGIR -we want
> to do this internally to test our implementation before we open up to 
> the world, how can I do this (we run Windows and Linux as clients)
> Thank you
> Phil
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> Phil Cryer
> Open Source Development
> Missouri Botanical Garden

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