[tdwg-tapir] TAPIR and the standardization of SRU

Renato De Giovanni renato at cria.org.br
Thu Nov 8 01:22:06 CET 2007

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for bringing SRU to our attention. I became aware of the new 
search-ws OASIS committee when I was looking for more information 
about SRU (after you posted that question in our FAQ).

By coincidence, TDWG is just about to become an OASIS member to 
participate in a new biodiversity conservation steering committee. So 
SRU is now another reason for joining.

I'm still unfamiliar with the OASIS process, but it seems that when 
TDWG joins OASIS, any TDWG member will be able to get involved with 
any OASIS group. So if there's anyone in this condition interested in 
participating in the search-ws group, please let me know (OASIS seems 
to encourage its members to bring as many people as possible to 
participate in the groups). Markus and I will in principle become 
observers of the group.

TAPIR is already a major effort to unify two protocols, and we 
reached the point of having enough documentation and tools to enable 
wide adoption by our community - which already started to happen. 
So although I'm all in favor of joining efforts with other 
communities and adopting a single standard, I'm not sure what would 
be feasible (and reasonable) at this point. Anyway, I agree we should 
try to get involved and see if there are any real opportunities for 

Best Regards,

On 7 Nov 2007 at 18:10, Ryan Scherle wrote:
> Hello TAPIRians,
> I've recently moved from the library world into the biology world, 
> and I'm noticing that TAPIR has a lot in common with the SRU standard 
> that is gaining popularity in the library world. I would like to 
> encourage collaboration between the two communities, and see whether 
> it is possible to forge a single standard out of the two.One major 
> difference is that TAPIR is database-oriented,while SRU is much more 
> document-oriented, but this should be possible to overcome.
> SRU has been recently been turned over to the OASIS standards body as 
> source material for developing a general-purpose web services search 
> standard. As a part of this standardization process, the initial 
> draft document has been opened for public comments (see below). If 
> you have comments, you can post them at the URL indicated. If you 
> work for an institution that is a member of OASIS, I believe you can 
> still join the committee and vote on issues related to the 
> standardization.
> --- Ryan Scherle
> --- Digital Data Repository Architect
> --- NESCent

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