[tdwg-tag] Quality Assurance in TDWG standards and activities

Roger Hyam roger at tdwg.org
Tue Nov 20 15:35:49 CET 2007

Dear Tag,

There has been some discussion concerning quality assurance in TDWG  
standards. You may have seen the new wiki page that has been  
introduced on the subject.


The executive committee is required to ask the TAG its opinion on the  
formation of new Task and Interest Groups and also on the passing of  
new standards. The TAG needs a framework for expressing this opinion.  
People submitting new group charters and standards need to know what  
the TAG will be looking for when it assesses their proposal

The wiki page contains a provisional list of these criteria. These  
will form the basis of a brief document that Jim Graham and I will put  
together over the next couple of weeks to act as a more formal guide  
to other members of TDWG.

Please review the list on the page and add your comments and changes.  
We will probably only have time to briefly circulate the document for  
review so it would be really helpful if you could get your comments in  

Many thanks,


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