[tdwg-guid] TDWG LSID Resolver broken?

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Fri Nov 30 14:01:31 CET 2007

> Is the bibliography trying to have a tree, e.g.: page -> article ->
> If it is, then *gack*. The potential for confusion is pretty large -- 
> is Richard's metadata about the journal article or a page in the article, 
> and how would I know?

I tend to agree with Rod on this -- but here's the thing:  we want to know
whether the citation is a Chapter, or a book, or an article, or a page
anyway -- regardless of whether the citation is structured as a tree or as
concatenated text.  My feeling is:  why not have both? (i.e., as Roger's
vocab already has both, and whatever comes from the St. Louis meeting will,
I believe, have both).  I wouldn't go more than one level up: give the
containing reference citation as a string (e.g., for book chapters, give the
full book citation as a string), and also provide a GUID link to that
containing/parent reference citation -- but don't give the full tree if
there is more than one level of "parent".  That is, if there is a
grandparent, don't represent it via a GUID in the grandchild -- only
represent the parent as a GUID, and then the metadata for the parent can
itself include a link to the Grandparent.

I do believe we want to maintain the ability to walk up (and down) a
hierarchy (for a bunch of reasons).  But at the same time, I agree with Rod
that we shouldn't expect the client to *have* to do so.

> I tried to investigate this further but the Wiki 
> is down.

Most of the commentary ended up here:


...but even this is moot,a s it was written before the St. Louis meeting.  I
suggest we wait until the product of that meeting gets distributed, and then
attack that strawman, instead of Roger's strawman on the LSIDVocs site.


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