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Patricia Mergen p_mergen at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 14:16:24 CEST 2007

Dear Roger
      We have the end-points for our DiGIR and BioCASE providers from the  Royal Museum For Central Africa available here :
    We usually never connect our collection management database directly to  GBIF or other networks.This is only available in the Intranet. The   data  for the internet (websites or networks) are copies that have been  approved to be ready to be shown to the public by the curators. 
    For our DiGIR and BioCASE for updates it is done as a full new copie  replacing the previous one, with all necessary back-ups to avoid  losses. These exports have been automated and we are currently working  on enhancing this.
    The data of our amphibian data are hosted on virtual servers (using  VMware), configured with the requirments needed to be accessible for  GBIF or other networks so it does not disturbed the other services of  our museum and we have all freedom to adapt it  best to our needs. 
    As we collaborate to several project; the export is on the virtual  server in a PostgreSQL database. We have produces SQL views (in this  case one for DarwinCore and a another one for ABCD) and we use these  "virtual tables" to map our fields against the schemas
    This works fine and avoids to have too many copies of your data for  different purposes. in case of changes we just need to change the  script of the view.
    One drawback is that sometimes the visual interfaces of some of the  providers cannot see the fields of the fields of a virtual table and  you have to do the mappings directly using the config files. 
    We were also told that if the views get too complicated to execute it  may slow down the response time. We have not so complicated views so  far to experience this and if it is possible to avoid it by caching the  created virtual tables and not to have to execute the script each time  if it prooved too slow.
    Hope this can help by showing you an way to do it that may not  technically be the best solution but managed to respect eventual  security issues, respect our museums ICT requirments  and not to  disturbe other already running services.
    If you wish more detailed information on how we did it with examples of scripts or so, let us know. 
    Best regards
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