[tdwg-guid] Announcing the new LSID website

Ricardo Pereira ricardo at tdwg.org
Fri Jul 13 17:32:28 CEST 2007

Dear tdwg-guid subscribers,

A new website has been established at http://lsids.sf.net as the new entry
point for the development of new LSID software and documentation.

The new website is at a different location from the previous Sourceforge
site (lsid.sf.net) as IBM has ceased to support this site. We have added a
trailing 's' for specification or software, while the original site is now
for reference.

The new website includes

* An introduction to LSID and links to more detailed documentation for those
not familiar with the identification scheme and its resolution protocol
* Links to LSID resources, such as LSID software releases and downloads, Rod
Page's LSID authority tester, the TDWG LSID on-line resolver, version
control system and mail lists
* Regularly updated news entries about LSID software, newly deployed
authorities and related information (available as an RSS feed)
* The LSID plug-in for the Firefox browser that enables it to resolve LSIDs
using the lsidres: protocol handler.

A new SourceForge developers website at http://www.sf.net/projects/lsids is
supported by Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG - www.tdwg.org) and
the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF - www.gbif.org) and
volunteers. This site features-

* A new release of the LSID Browser for Firefox (v1.0.1) which is available
for download
* A new LSID source code repository and version control system using
Subversion (SVN)

The old developers website (http://www.sf.net/projects/lsid) will maintain:

* All previous major releases of LSID software (such as the client and
server software stacks in Java and Perl),
* The CVS source code repository with all history of LSID software
development (only for reference, as all new development must use the new SVN
* The issue tracker, and
* The lsid-developer mailing list.

We hope that the new LSID websites will be effective. Questions or
suggestions are welcomed.

Best regards,

Ricardo Pereira
Systems Administrator and Software Engineer 
Biodiversity Information Systems - TDWG

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