[tdwg-tapir] tapir clients?

Roger Hyam roger at tdwg.org
Wed Feb 28 10:44:48 CET 2007


Most TAPIR providers will be able to return RDF and so any semantic  
web client is a potential TAPIR client. They won't necessarily run  
SPARQL queries but they will certainly associate URLs with RDF content.

My plan is to produce RDF output models even for the providers who  
haven't mapped the TDWG ontology.

There is a bit of discussion here:


This is my cunning plan ;)


On 27 Feb 2007, at 22:52, Dave Vieglais wrote:

> Hi Tapirologists,
> There's the PyWrapper and TapirLink for the server side of the  
> protocol, but I was wondering if:
> a) there's other server implementations
> and
> b) what client implementations are out there
> It might be worthwhile starting a "Software" page on the wiki to  
> provide pointers to the various projects implementing TAPIR.
> cheers,
>   Dave V.
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