[Tdwg-guid] IODP paleontology meeting and LSID

Ricardo Pereira ricardo at tdwg.org
Tue Sep 19 22:12:05 CEST 2006

    Hello Robert,

    It is great that you were invited to give a presentation about 
GUID/LSID at the Paleontology meeting.

    You can get material for your presentation from the already familiar 
GUID Wiki (http://wiki.gbif.org/guidwiki/).

    You will also find some new LSID/GUID documents at 
http://www.tdwg.gbif.org/subgroups/guid/documents-reports/. In 
particular, you will find:

* Links to the slides presented at the two workshops on the workshop 
* An executive summary and a primer on LSIDs for biologists; and
* An annotated summary of LSID resources available on the Internet.

    Note that the page I mention above is on the pilot of the new TDWG 
website which is still under development.
    I hope this helps you to prepare your presentation.

    Regarding the latest GUID group activities, we have all been a 
little quiet lately, but that will change soon.

    The group working on the TDWG ontology has been quite active and 
they will report their work at the St. Louis meeting as Roger reported.

    Kevin Richards is preparing with our help a hands-on tutorial on 
LSID that will take place at the St. Louis meeting as well.

    All sounds very exciting.

    Best regards,



Robert Huber wrote:
> Dear all,
> I was invited to attend the IODP Paleontology meeting on taxonomic
> dictionaries and control lists end of september in Houston, USA. 
> The IODP (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program)is one of the most 
> important international earth science projects. http://iodp.org.
> IODP is currently evaluating new technologies for its data and
> information management. And one hot topic for its paleontology
> and biostratigraphy work is ..having control on taxonomic names..
> I think LSIDs could be very interseting for IODP if they could use
> some kind of a 'reverse lookup', resolving LSIDs for names.
> I was asked to give a short presentation on GUIDS/LSID and I 
> thought maybe one of you already has some interesting material to
> show? Any help is welcome!
> Btw. are there are any exciting news since summer? I am especially
> interested in:
> -how is the RDF/TCS thing evolving -> standardised metadata? 
> -how  have the nomenclators been proceeding? I heard e.g. about the
> ZooBank prototype any LSID plans for that yet?
> -DarwinCore and GBIF.. is there a way to resolve LSID from names?
> best regards,
> Robert
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