[tdwg-tag] TAG at the 2006 TDWG meeting in St Louis.

Roger Hyam roger at tdwg.org
Thu Sep 21 16:18:42 CEST 2006

Fellow TAG Members,

As I am sure you are aware the 2006 TDWG meeting is between 15 and 22 
October in St Louis, Missouri.


A number of us will be attending the meeting and participating in 
various ways. Just about every paper that will be presented will have 
some relevance to the TAG and so I have not attempted to schedule a 
specific TAG session although I will be presenting the TAG road map and 
proposing a method of managing the TDWG Ontology. Jessie will be 
proposing the TDWG Core ontology.

I am sure we will find a great deal to talk about!

It might be useful if we could identify a list of points that it would 
be good to discuss as a group during break out sessions. This list may 
develop through time depending on what is presented at the meeting. We 
don't want things on the list that are covered in formal sessions and we 
can't assume that everyone will be able to attend any break out session 
but it may be useful to have semi-formal meetings over coffee or beer.

What do you think? Would this be useful? Shall I set up a wiki page for 
Birds-of-a-feather TAG sessions?

All the best,



 Roger Hyam
 Technical Architect
 Taxonomic Databases Working Group
 roger at tdwg.org
 +44 1578 722782

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