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Roger Hyam roger at tdwg.org
Fri Sep 22 15:17:24 CEST 2006

Hi Peter,

Glad to hear you are moving ahead with the LSID resolver.

peter.hollas at thomson.com wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am in the process of putting together the LSID service component of
> Zoobank.org, after a few initial hiccups and difficulties I have a basic
> service up and running in the development environment.
> Now I have arrived at the contentious issue of what data/metadata to
> return and in which flavour.
> I have a few questions...
> 1. What format should I return the metadata response in? From
> discussions with Roger it seems appropriate to go with RDF/TCS for the
> metadata reponse. Would this be a good way to go, and does anyone have
> any static examples of such a response?
Sally has sent the version we are currently working with. At the St 
Louis meeting next month I hope this will become part of a larger TDWG 
ontology and the name spaces stabilize. From  the implementation point 
of view any changes are likely to be minor though. If you can produce 
this you should be able to produce the 'final' version.
> 2. If a Data service were implemented, should the response simply be the
> LSID or the taxon name as we don't currently hold any holotype photos
> etc.
I wouldn't bother returning anything for 'data' about names. This is 
debated but as no one can agree on what it definitely should be (if 
anything) so nobody is likely to call the getData method anyhow. 
Holotype images are likely to have LSIDs of their own and be linked to 
from the name metadata.
> 2. Is there any standard scheme for LSID discovery? i.e. Would it be a
> good/bad idea to extend the LSID service to allow machine queries of
> LSIDs by taxon name rather than discovering them through the web
> interface?
I have been proposing that a standard harvesting protocol should be 
adopted. OAI was the top candidate but I haven't had time to look into 
it and I don't think anybody else has. I just noticed Rod is suggesting 
OpenSearch. I'd like to see some one have a look into these alternatives 
after October and try and come up with some 
recommendations/applicability statements. OAI has the notion of subsets 
of data and it would be good to have some method of sharing subset names 

All the best,


> Any comments and suggestions are very welcome!
> Regards, Peter.
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