[Tdwg-guid] Jena examples?

Sally Hinchcliffe S.Hinchcliffe at kew.org
Tue Sep 26 10:03:17 CEST 2006

Hi Steve /all

We took that syntax straight from Roger's RDF/TCS examples. I think 
Roger was going to do more work on tidying up those sorts of loose 
ends. I have to admit that my knowledge of RDF and particularly RDFS 
is pretty superficial

We can switch to either the shorter format or the safer fully 
qualified URI - what do people think would be better?


> By the way, the IPNI example you cite has an error:
> <tn:nomenclaturalCode rdf:resource="&tn;#botanical" />
> Many RDF/XML parsers will see &tn; as an entity which cannot be 
> resolved.  Since I don't have a copy of the ontology (and 
> http://tdwg.org/2006/03/12/TaxonNames does not resolve), I can only take 
> a guess that it should look something like:
> <tn:nomenclaturalCode rdf:resource="tn:botanical" />
> However, using XML namespace prefixes in resource references inside 
> RDF/XML documents tends to cause problems because not all RDF/XML 
> parsers are smart enough to dereference the namespace prefix and build a 
> fully-qualified resource URI.  A safer form of the above would be the 
> fully qualified resource URI which looks like:
> <tn:nomenclaturalCode rdf:resource="http://tdwg.org/2006/03/12/TaxonNames/botanical" />
> -Steve
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