[Tdwg-guid] Which TCS/RDF?

peter.hollas at thomson.com peter.hollas at thomson.com
Tue Sep 26 17:37:14 CEST 2006


Could someone advise on which TCS/RDF ontology would be the best to implement for metadata coming from nomenclatural sources such as ZooBank? I've yet to come across anything other than a TCS XML Schema in public circulation.

I've decided to do away with using the Jena API altogether for returning metadata responses from ZooBank; it seems to be rather heavy handed approach to returning what is basically a simple structured text document. A much more flexible way to go is with a page templating system, especially when the schemata are in constant flux. A Spring Framework MVC/JSTL endpoint will allow for schemata changes to be implemented without recompilation. The LSID metadata class will just act as a façade/decorator to the templating system.

Many thanks, Peter.

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