[Tdwg-guid] EGU 2007 Call for abstracts: "Building A Global Geosciences Cyberinfrastructure

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Wed Nov 8 11:07:58 CET 2006

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Dear Colleague,

Please consider submitting an abstract to:

SSP11/GI11 "Building A Global Geosciences Cyberinfrastructure"

Co-organized by Geosciences Instrumentation and Data Systems (GI) and
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology (SSP)
Convenors: Jens Klump (GFZ Potsdam), Robert Huber (Univ. Bremen/MARUM), Walt
Snyder (Boise State Univ.)


Data on stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleontology are heterogeneous and
diverse. The same is true for geophysics, tectonics, paleoceanography, and
other fields that all need to be integrated for a better understanding of
the processes shaping our planet Earth.

In many countries around the globe, a rapidly increasing number of
Geoscience projects are developing and maintaining digital data and
information systems together with tools for data analysis and visualization.
The emerging Geoscience cyberinfrastructure must be an international effort
in order to successfully promote advances in geoscience research and enable
new approaches to addressing scientific problems that in turn lead to new
discoveries and an improved understanding of the Earth. In order to maximize
the impact of these globally distributed Geoinformatics resources, it is
essential that these efforts be collaborative and integrated.

This sessions focuses on collaboration and integration between
cyberinfrastructure projects in Geoscience and has two objectives: (1) to
discuss how the political, cultural, organizational, and technical
challenges towards a truly global cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences
have been addressed, and (2) to highlight examples of international
collaborations that successfully coordinate and integrate their efforts.

Important Deadlines:

08 December 2006 - Deadline for Support Applications
15 January 2007 - Deadline for Receipt of Abstracts
15 - 20 April 2007 - European Geosciences Union - General Assembly 2007

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Robert Huber
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