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anyone got a red flag ... I need to drive my horseless carriage home
shortly ... ;-)

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> The Open Access web-only journal "Phyloinformatics" seems to have
disappeared, with the Internet address http://www.phyloinformatics.org
now up for sale. This means the articles have just disappeared!
There weren't many papers published, but some were interesting and have
been cited in the mainstream literature. This also illustrates the
problems with linking to digital resources using URLs, as opposed to
identifiers such as DOIs. With the loss of  the domain name, this
journal has effectively died.  A sobering lesson...<

Indeed.  Particularly for those who think the Codes should permit
description of new taxa electronically.   This highlights what utter
nonsense and folly such a move would be.  Chasing after "the latest
thing" and "the current trend" is fine for teenyboppers, fashion, and
music.  As scientists, however, we have an obligation to posterity to
eschew such foolishness. 

Tom Lammers

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