[Tdwg-guid] Demise of Phyloinformatics journal

Renato De Giovanni renato at cria.org.br
Fri Nov 24 16:54:24 CET 2006


Thanks for sharing with us the information. I already imagined that 
things like that could happen, but it's always better to argue having 
real examples.

Anyway, just in case someone reading the story decides to blame URLs, 
I just wanted to say that in my opinion the main issue here is not 
the technology or the GUID format being used. It's the business model 
and the management strategy. 

I can easily imagine similar things happening to DOIs, LSIDs or other 
kinds of issued GUIDs if the institution(s) behind them simply 

Best Regards,

IT Researcher
CRIA - Reference Center on Environmental Information

On 24 Nov 2006 at 13:37, Roderic Page wrote:

> The Open Access web-only journal "Phyloinformatics" seems to have  
> disappeared, with the Internet address http://www.phyloinformatics.org  
> now up for sale. This means the articles have just disappeared!
> There weren't many papers published, but some were interesting and have  
> been cited in the mainstream literature.
> This also illustrates the problems with linking to digital resources  
> using URLs, as opposed to identifiers such as DOIs. With the loss of  
> the domain name, this journal has effectively died.
> A sobering lesson...
> Regards
> Rod

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