[Tdwg-guid] [Taxacom] Demise of Phyloinformatics journal

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Sun Nov 26 20:17:10 CET 2006

Tom Lammers wrote:

> Indeed.  Particularly for those who think the Codes should 
> permit description of new taxa electronically.   This 
> highlights what utter nonsense and folly such a move would 
> be.  Chasing after "the latest thing" and "the current trend" 
> is fine for teenyboppers, fashion, and music.  As scientists, 
> however, we have an obligation to posterity to eschew such 
> foolishness. 

I disagree.

As I pointed out in my reply to Dick Jensen the other day on Taxacom, I
believe a strong case can be made that electronic information has the
*potential* for far greater persistence (not to mention access) than
paper-based publication. The big question is: How can we *realize* this
potential?  I think most of us would agree that we have not yet realized it
(though the main obstacles are not exemplified by the demise of the
Phyloinformatics journal -- it's not an issue for publishers, it's an issue
for consumers). Fortunately, the Codes have not yet changed to accommodate
online-only publication, either.

But the real foolishness, in my opinion, would be to *fail* to pursue
electronic/internet means of publication and information dissemination for
taxonomy.  Indeed, I think it is our *responsibility* to do so.  The problem
is, only a tiny fraction of the community takes the time to understand the
real implications of the issue (on both sides), and fewer still actively
participate in the conversation.  A big part of realizing the potential is
broad community involvement and participation.  These conversations on
Taxacom and other lists are a good start, but we're not even scratching the
surface of the full community (which extends well beyond taxonomists to
include *all* consumers of taxonomic nomenclature).


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