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Roger Hyam roger at tdwg.org
Mon May 8 13:40:04 CEST 2006

This looks great. It is good to see the use of DublinCore.

Would it be possible to use a vocabulary of some type for the elements 
like email, and name in contact. Perhaps vCard? There is a W3C document 
discussing using it in RDF but also XML here: 

Thinking about mapping the repeating elements to Class-Property type 
ontologies or representing them in RDF or UML. We have a metadata 
object, an entity object and a contact object here. relatedEntities  is 
both a container and a property of metadata. Would it be feasible to 
have a repeating element in  metadata called relatedEntity that just 
contained an instance of an Entity. That would clearly differentiate the 
property from the container function.

Likewise with contact. It might be good to have a property of Entity 
called hasContact that contains a Contact object. As the schema stands 
the possession of Contact by Entity is implied by its location. Also the 
role of the contact is a property/attribute of the relationship not a 
property of the contact themselves.

    <role>Systems Administrator</role>
       <name>Frank Sinatra</name>
       <title>Main singer</title>
        <email>f.sinatra at tapir.com</email>
        <phone>some phone number</phone>

Would it be worth having just a few elements for key contact types 
rather than free text roles? Like Administrative, Technical and Billing 
contacts with domain name registration. Perhaps Administrative, 
Technical and Scientific contacts?

       <name>Frank Sinatra</name>
       <title>Main singer</title>
        <email>f.sinatra at tapir.com</email>
        <phone>some phone number</phone>

A registry might then be able to work out who to send a mail to if the 
provider goes down.

These are just suggestions. If you have reasons for doing it another way 
I totally understand,

All the best,


Döring, Markus wrote:
> Hello,
> the metadata response in TAPIR (intended for registries and humans) was finally reviewed by Renato, Javier and myself.
> We would like to update the TAPIR schema to support this response integrating true dublin core and GeoRSS elements with their respective namespaces:
> http://ww3.bgbm.org/protocolwiki/MetadataReview
> Please let us now if you have improvements in mind, especially if you consider its use for registries and alike.
> -- Markus
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