[Tdwg-guid] DOIs and persistence -- when DOIs go bad

Sally Hinchcliffe S.Hinchcliffe at kew.org
Fri May 26 12:30:34 CEST 2006

Ah Rod

> > Plus I've noticed
> > in the IPNI and other editors at Kew a strange reluctance to type in
> > strings that look like
> > '10.1600/0363-6445(2003)028[0387:PORLFR]2.0.CO;2'
> > - I don't know whether barcode reading technology could help here...
> Yeah, but there's this cool invention called "cut and paste" ;-)  This  
> can all be automated. Look at Connotea - you can highlight a DOI in  
> your browser, click on a bookmarklet and hey presto, it's added to  
> Connotea. Also, much of this would be done by scripts, web crawling,  
> etc.

Some day I must take you to the IPNI editors' room to see the piles 
of books and journals from the library that they work with. You may 
remember books ...

In my dream world all editors of botanical journals and publishers of 
botanical books will supply ipni with a TCS document appended to the 
end of a PDF with all of the new names, new taxa and new 
combinations, plus of course the relevant DOIs, and they will simply 
need to check that the physical representation does exist (no 
electronic publishing allowed in botany) and then approve all of the 
records to be uploaded. And then get on with back standardisation of 
the rest. 

Then I wake up ...

Thanks for the links - will pass them on to our standardisation 

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