[Tdwg-tag] Technology/Approach to core Vocabulary/Ontology

Renato De Giovanni renato at cria.org.br
Sat Mar 4 22:26:20 CET 2006


> So my first question is: How do we develop a core vocabulary/ontology 
> in a distributed, collaborative way?

In the absence of a more sophisticated tool (free, open source, 
capable of exporting models in different useful formats, allowing 
collaborative work, etc.) a wiki should be fine.

Regarding documentation, a mix between the CIDOC and DublinCore 
approaches sounds good.

> My second question is: Can we separate the definition of terms from 
> the ontologies? 

If I understood correctly, the question is "which level of detail 
should we address?". I think we should start as simple as possible, 
maybe not trying to address constraints that look too specific, but 
also not leaving everything "independent" (links are important). We 
could define the main classes and properties from different parts of 
the ontology. Then we could try to represent them in some format, 
create instances, experiment alternatives of integration and 
extension, etc.

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