[Tdwg-tag] RDF instead of xml schema

Bob Morris ram at cs.umb.edu
Mon Mar 27 16:34:28 CEST 2006

Actually, that stuff is NOT part of SDD, it is part of the (discussion 
suspended? defunct? certainly out of date) UBIF. See 

Of course, part of the "you need the schema" defect of XML is that URIs 
alone without resolution won't let you validate the schema against the 
schema-for-schemas. A sane validating parser will always do this, 
because validating against an invalid schema is likely to leave you with 
instance documents claimed to be valid, but which break schema-driven 
tools that depend on "schema" meaning "valid schema". One doesn't 
encounter this very much if one is handcrafting, instead of generating, 
XML applications against a particular schema because one (dangerously) 
works to the particular schema, and so much about XML instances 
documents don't depend on validity. [In particular, it's about as easy 
to write silly code  to work against silly XML as it is to write the 
silly XML in the first place]


Roderic Page wrote:
> Dear Gregor.
> [...]
> For SDD, well I'd be inclined to go for RDF, and keep it as lightweight  
> as possible by referring to things like taxa, publications, images  
> using URIs. My sense from looking at SDD is that it is enormously  
> complex, partly because it tries to include far more information than  
> it needs to (why does it need to know about people, telephone  
> numbers(!), publications, etc. -- these can all be dealt with by other  
> vocabularies and referred to by URIs). Why not have a core that covers  
> what SDD is actually about?
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