[Tdwg-guid] Interest in versions - evidence from IPNI logs

Sally Hinchcliffe S.Hinchcliffe at kew.org
Tue Jun 20 11:01:55 CEST 2006

Hi all,
As promised I've had a look at the ipni logs to see whether people 
are interested in particular versions of records or not.

At the moment, the logs don't record that information directly, but I 
can see whether a user has clicked on the link to see the history of 
a record (a pre-requisite for clicking on an older version). I 
eliminated obvious crawlers and looked at just one server's queries 
for the week of 4th - 10th June, comparing the number of drill downs 
(into an individual record) with the number of history requests. 
Basically there were just under 5000 drill downs, of which 570 (10%) 
were followed by history requests, which was a slightly higher 
percentage than I was expecting. Some of these may simply be idle 
clickers looking out of curiosity, of course, but it does suggest 
that while most people aren't interested in versions, there is a 
significant minority who may have a need/interest/desire to see 
specific versions of records.

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