AW: [tdwg-tapir] TAPIR namespace and versioning

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Mon Jul 31 11:48:45 CEST 2006

I hope that TAPIR is not changing really. It should be much more stable than our content schemas. So if we include the major version in the namespace I think this is OK.

Including the full version number as an attribute into the schema I think is always a good idea. This way we could add minor things to the schema keeping backwards compatability and still discover the exact schema version. 

I dont think our community currently could handle different major and incompatible versions of a protocol. So negotiating for a version of the protocol seems to me too much too soon. by the way a great album title:

-- Markus

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> Hi all,
> After discussion in Tervuren about ABCD and versioning issues 
> I thought that we should maybe consider the same strategy for TAPIR.
> That is:
> -Do not include the protocol version in the namespace but 
> rather use always something like 
> -Use the version attribute in the schema.
> -Include a version attribute in the request top element to 
> specify the TAPIR version of the message.
> -A new mandatory version parameter for GET operations called version.
> I even think that we should not change the namespace when 
> doing non backwards compatible changes to the protocol. 
> Clients should take care themselves of looking at the version 
> attribute always.
> This is the way all OGC standards work and I think is a good strategy.
> But this can probably be consider a pretty dramatic change in 
> the protocol right now... what do you think? I think it would 
> be great to include this strategy from the beginning so we 
> are not so worry about breaking clients with possible small 
> changes in future versions.
> Best regards,
> Javier.
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