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Roger Hyam roger at TDWG.ORG
Tue Jan 3 09:37:15 CET 2006

Thanks Rod.  It makes a good case for LSID + RDF.

Having spent a big chunk of last year working on the Taxon Concept
Schema I am itching to expand on some of your points with regard to
TaxonConcepts/TaxonNames. There are some issues there that I think we
have already covered. But this isn't the place to get into the niceties
of taxonomic nomenclature. We have worked pretty hard on reaching what
we believe is a consensus ontology on nomenclature and taxon concepts.
Although it is expressed in XML Schema at the moment I think it would
quite simply transfer to an RDF or OWL Lite ontology and I have started
tentative work on this. Perhaps it will be something you can contribute to.

Under 3.4 you could mention vCard as I have seen that expressed in RDF
for data about people.

Happy New Year,


Roderic Page wrote:
> I've finally managed to put down some ideas on LSIDs, metadata, and
> taxonomic names in the form of a manuscript. It's a bit rough, but I
> thought members of this list might find it of interest. You can grab a
> PDF here:
> The web site has
> links to some example RDF files that are mentioned in the manuscript
> (where they are trimmed to save space).
> I'd welcome any comments.
> Regards
> Rod
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