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Roderic Page r.page at BIO.GLA.AC.UK
Wed Jan 4 23:07:12 CET 2006

Without wishing to labour the point, the latest issue of Nature has a
nice piece by Declan Butler on "mashups", which mentions my iSpecies
toy, and some more serious efforts by Donat Agosti and Norman Johnson,
as well as Declan's own work on display avian flu records in Google
Earth. I'm quoted as gushing:

'If you could pool data from every museum or lab in the world, "you
could do amazing things", says Page.'

This is what happens when being interviewed by Nature goes to your
head, as well as being distracted by trying to keep my four year old
daughter occupied while on the phone to Declan ("Dad, I want a drink
NOW"). Still, I stand by the sentiment. As an example, take a look at
what Declan himslef managed to do with data on avian flu



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