[tdwg-tapir] reload / expire external resources

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I think I agree, Donald. We will probably just end up using the reload in all requests. If there are no further objections I am going to remove the attribute.

BTW, the examples are updated and do validate against a slight modification of renatos current schema (but the examples still point to the SVN trunk which is outdated):


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It certainly makes sense, but I would expect our external documents to be static and relatively rarely changed, so it may be hard for resource providers to use the expiry value sensibly.  The availability of the reload option in the request documents may also just encourage it to get used on every request (particularly since our requests are almost never hand-authored).

Might it just be simpler to drop these attributes and leave it to provider developers to supply configuration options on how long they should cache external documents?  I know that going with b) and c) is much more proper, but I'm not sure that it is worth it in our context.

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Hello everyone,
I am in the process of scanning the schema for errors and update our examples in the SVN.

Currently there's a reload attribute in the searchTemplateGroup used by the inline search operation & the template definition. It doesnt really make sense for the template document, does it?

How should we handle this in general, maybe for all external resources?
a) dont do anything about caching. remove reload/expire attributes
b) allow external documents to specify an expiry date (like http)
c) add optional reload attribute to all references to external docs

In my implementation it was quite important to cache external documents that
1) need to be parsed/processed, like the xml schema docs and 2) that are not accessible all the time.

So I think I am in favor of b) and c) actually. The requestor can always specify a reload and the external resource provider can specify a likely expiry date.

Does this make sense or just complicates things?


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