[tdwg-tapir] FAQ page

Renato De Giovanni renato at cria.org.br
Fri Jan 13 05:46:51 CET 2006

Hi Javier,

Any help with documentation is always welcome - 
please feel free to make any additions or changes 
to the FAQ.

However it does have a link to the "road map" page, 
where we tried to put some dates (including one 
related to DiGIR2, as foreseen by Steve).

Best Regards,

> Dear all,
> We had today the GBIF ICT Expert Group meeting 
and a lot of people  
> where making questions about TAPIR.
> Seems that there is confusion regarding names. 
People were asking why  
> there is Digir 2 if we are all going to TAPIR and 
things like that.
> There were also questions regarding when things 
are gonna be ready,  
> what can we expect from Digir2 and TAPIR 
pywrapper and what would be  
> the reasons to migrate, how difficult is going to 
be to migrate, etc.
> I was thinking of extending the FAQ page that 
Renato started in  
> Madrid to answer all these questions, but I need 
some help specially  
> from the Digir2 people.
> -What is the status of Digir2?
> -Is it going to be difficult to update from Digir 
1 to 2?
> I will in any case start writing there and maybe 
you can then modify  
> extend thins related to you.
> Best regards,
> Javi.

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