identifiers for geologic samples

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Dear all,

The discussion on identifiers on geosamples is still open. Some
of the major earth science related data centers (eg. us) would prefer
a decentralized technology and real GUIDs. Eg. the IODP (one of the major
international earth science programs) is thinking about introducing GUIDs
for their samples (cores, core sections and samples).
I think I have noticed that already a couple of weeks ago in a WIKI comment,
next time I will place such info on a more prominent place...
Kerstin is one of the co-convenors of the EGU session in Vienna, April
I recently asked for contributions. So there already are some relations
between SESAR and the taxon GUID group.

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> Betreff: identifiers for geologic samples
> The earlier discussion on samples was valuable, especially regarding the
> subsample/part-of issues when samples are taken apart and the
> relationships need to be maintained.  I saw a talk in the last two weeks
> by Kerstin Lehnert about the use of identifiers for geologic samples.
> They seem to have many of the same issues that we do for biological
> samples.  They have created a system called the "International Geo
> Sample Number", which is a centralized sample registration service.
> Interestingly, they invented their own syntax rather than using a
> standard like LSID or DOI.  I though it might be interesting background
> for those of you going to the meeting next week:
> and here's a fossil plant sample as displayed in their registry:
> Matt
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