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Hi Rod,
Your comment facility is down or I would have added this to the blog
I think that most of the talk re serving XML from LSIDs was by way of
an upgrade path rather than as a final goal. As you say (rightly or
wrongly) the community has put a lot of effort into XML schemas and
it worried me (and others) that tying LSIDs to RDF might mean that
the LSID baby got thrown out with the RDF bathwater as the community
rejected it wholesale. But I was persuaded this wouldn't happen and
now I face some scepticism here at Kew about the benefits of RDF so a
killer app would be good...

On the meeting itself, yes it was frustrating (and interesting and
useful as well) and it struck me on my return that we might have got
further had we had some professional (and neutral) facilitators - not
to say that the chairs didn't do a good job getting us all to a
decision in the end, but that we are all (me included) so parti pris
and bound up in the subject that herding cats didn't even come close
... For the next meeting the decisions will be harder and more
concrete and there will be a lot to decide. It might help having
people who know how to facilitate useful debate and close off some of
the blind alleys and circular pathways we have a tendency to wander

> For those at the workshop, it was great to meet you and to discuss
> GUIDs. I've posted a personal view on proceedings on one of my blogs:
> .
> Comments are welcome.
> Regards
> Rod
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