[Tdwg-tag] Ontology Fever medicines: (was: Primary Objects as XML Structures or OWL Classes)

Ricardo Scachetti Pereira ricardo at tdwg.org
Tue Feb 21 00:13:12 CET 2006

  Excellent post, Steve! Many thanks.

Recently, I've came across a good recipe against Ontology Fever 
condition (which, by the way, has a cousin strain in the XML Schema 
world, too). It's on the last slide of the presentation named Ontology 
Engineering by Dr. Jeremy Rogers from the University of Manchester 
It was part of the GUID-1 workshop homework. I copy it here:

- Ontologies are conceptualisation of domains for use on computers TO DO 
SOME TASK(S): Always ask “What’s it for?”
- Perfection and completeness will seduce you. Only build what’s useful.

Sorry, I don't want to disturb the original discussion thread. Carry on.



Steven Perry wrote:

 >Additionally there is the temptation with RDF to catch what I call
 >Ontology Fever. In terminal cases, this disease results in an obsession
 >with using OWL Full to model the entire universe reductively at the
 >level of the laws of physics. Any distributed data network afflicted by
 >this disease is destined to die.

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