[Tdwg-tag] House Keeping

Roger Hyam roger at tdwg.org
Thu Feb 23 17:42:19 CET 2006

I am maintaining a wiki page that charts what I believe we have agreed 
on and what I think we might discuss next. I link from this page to the 
list archive.


Please send comments and additions to me or the list especially if you 

   1. I am saying we have agreed when we have not.
   2. You want something to be discussed in the future but not just yet
      (so we can schedule it).

You can of course edit the wiki yourself if you like.

I hope that this page will act like a ratchet to keep us heading forward 
and prevent slipping back over old issues again and again as is common 
in many mailing list discussions!

Thanks for your cooperation on this.



 Roger Hyam
 Technical Architect
 Taxonomic Databases Working Group
 roger at tdwg.org
 +44 1578 722782

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