[tdwg-tapir] conceptual binding

"Döring, Markus" m.doering at BGBM.org
Tue Feb 28 11:38:10 CET 2006

I recently added support for schema imports in pywrapper mainly to support multiple namespaces in the repsonse.
Me (and Javier) wanted to allow something like this:

        <gcp:accession fid="accession.12">
            <gcp:FullScientificName>Quercus ilex</gcp:FullScientificName>

Here comes my problem: 
How do we refer to the FullScientificName concept in TAPIR?

As a convention for schemas we said to create the fully qualified concept from the namespace and the simple xpath to the element. So somethinkg like this:


A real xpath to that element would of course include several namespaces:

Could it be that we never need to refer to "compound" concepts anyway? A provider would probably map his db to the GCP schema alone. The WFS response is only the responded view/data model and we would still just use gcp#accession/FullScientificName as the qualified concept in filters. This is also true for our simple extension schemas I think (EFG for ABCD, all extensions for DwC). But arent there other cases?


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