[tdwg-tapir] conceptual binding

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 12:12:03 CET 2006


I think this is not only an issue on filters, is also on mappings.
In the mapping section of the outputModel the path attribute of the nodes
shouldn't be also qualified? Is there cases that without qualifying we will
have problems? Imagine you have in the outputModel something like:

<gcp:FullScientificName>Quercus ilex</gcp:FullScientificName>
<abcd:FullScientificName>Quercus ilex L.</abcd:FullScientificName>

I know it is maybe not a good example, but I hope is clear.

This reminds me also a message from Roger before Christmas about using RDF
with TAPIR.

"Tapir has the intention of combining separate 'concepts' (which implies
different namespaces) into a single output model but do the concepts all
have to be mapped into a single namespace to make the thing workable?"

If I understood the question correctly, the answer is no after import is
something supported.

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