[tdwg-tapir] TAPIR Developers Workshop

Renato De Giovanni renato at cria.org.br
Wed Dec 6 17:02:17 CET 2006

TDWG and GBIF Call for participation

TAPIR Developers Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to advance the deployment of the TAPIR 
protocol and augment its community.

TAPIR, the TDWG Access Protocol for Information Retrieval, is being 
actively developed. There is a draft specification 
(http://www.tdwg.org/dav/subgroups/tapir/1.0/docs/) and a fully 
functional data provider available (http://www.pywrapper.org/). By 
the end of 2006 another data provider implementation and a TAPIR 
Network Builder's Guide should also be available.

The workshop will start with a training session and will be followed 
by hands-on development sessions in separate work groups. 

Outcomes of the workshop will include:

* Explanation of the main features and concepts of TAPIR to new 
* Amendments to the existing TAPIR documentation where needed.
* Development (at least partially) of new TAPIR client software 
including libraries and specific data harvesters to be used by 
biodiversity data networks. 
* Discussion, implementation and documenting LSID resolution service 
in existing TAPIR provider software.
* Creation of a generic query tool to interact with TAPIR providers.
* Creation of new output models and query templates to be used by 
TAPIR networks.
* Planning and implementation of interoperability unit tests for 
TAPIR providers.
* Production of additional development proposals related to TAPIR.

Dates: 12th to 15th of February 2007

Venue: GBIF, Copenhagen

How to participate:

Please contact Renato De Giovanni (renato [at] cria dot org dot br) 
before December 31st 2006 providing the following information:

* Your name, institution and location.
* What kind of development(s) you are planning or need to do in 
relation to TAPIR (what are the basic functionalities needed, what is 
the associated project, what is the expected timeline). 
* Whether your project/institution can help with the funding of your 
participation in this meeting.

Attendance is limited and participants will be prioritised according 
to the contribution they can make.

Support funding: All travel expenses for approved attendees will be 
covered by the TDWG Infrastructure Project (which in turn has been 
funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation). Travel will be in 
accordance with the GBIF travel guidelines 

For further information please contact Renato De Giovanni (renato 
[at] cria dot org dot br), Donald Hobern (dhobern [at] gbif dot org) 
or Lee Belbin (lee [at] tdwg dot org).

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