[tdwg-tag] TAG Road Map

Roger Hyam roger at tdwg.org
Mon Aug 7 13:37:25 CEST 2006

Hi Everyone,

The TDWG Infrastructure Project team have a milestone/deliverable to 
produce a document to act as a road map for the TDWG Architecture.

I have prepared a document that I believe pulls together the ideas and 
consequences from the TAG-1 meeting and the two GUID meetings plus 
various discussions held at the OGC meeting in Edinburgh. This document 
introduces the notion of a 'Semantic Hub' which is a proposed mechanism 
to expose TDWG semantics through multiple technologies: XML Schema; 
GML;  OWL; etc.

I would be most grateful if you could find time to have a look at this 
six page document:


and give any feedback on the wiki page, via this list or directly to me.

Many thanks,



 Roger Hyam
 Technical Architect
 Taxonomic Databases Working Group
 roger at tdwg.org
 +44 1578 722782

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