[tdwg-tag] TAG Road Map

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 16:54:40 CEST 2006

Hi Roger,

Tonto is not a bad word in spanish, is the same as you described for
english. I though you might have not considered it, but if you like it
and want to have presentations like:

"...well and then we have Roger Hyam who is the tonto ("fool") developer"

is up to you ;)

>  -the semantic hub must expose the concepts in a way that we can use
>  them in our configuration tools in the data providers to allow mapping
>  a database there.
>  Just specify the way and we will make it do it.

Ups, there is no format that we have considered. I was thinking more
in that you were gonna tell me that you will give an OWL and I was
going to have to understand it. But if you ask then I want it as a
serialized Python object :D
No, serioulsy, we have to think about this a little bit more.

> -the semantic hub must expose the different views, or outputModels as
>  we call them in TAPIR, so that providers software can produce them.
>  Just specify them and we write a script to produce them from Tonto.

well, there is already an outputodel format in TAPIR. I can give you
some examples of an outputModel for BioMOBY that is created from
Darwin Core concepts, or a GML app schema outputModel from ABCD.

>  Specially there where things like:
>  -Give an XSLT that transforms ABCD 1.2 into 2.06
>  Ah ha! this is where I have to say no!
[and a lot of arguing...]

Roger, you got me wrong. There is already an XSLT, made by humans,
that transforms ABCD 1.2 to ABCD 2.06. What I would like is a
repository that just stores these documents and if I a program ask
"Hey tonto! Do you have an XSLT to transform ABCD 1.2 to ABCD 2.06?"
Could say "hey, look! I am not so fool, I have one!" and the program
becomes happy.

Actually I think this is the easiest thing to implement in Tonto.

Best regards,


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